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Anti Hair Loss Shampoos

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If you are experiencing hair loss, or simply want to make your hair grow faster, then some of the easiest options to try are anti hair loss shampoos. These can reduce hair loss in both men and women, and there are a number of research studies that can help us understand their effectiveness.

Finding the Right Shampoo for You

If you are looking into how well such products work, then a great place to look is for the opinions of dermatologists as well as licensed cosmeticians. These see cases of hair loss frequently and have had a chance to investigate the effects of these products. Googling the products can also bring you testimonials – but these can be very confusing.

Here are a tips about ingredients in anti hair loss shampoos that I’ve compiled throughout my research on hair growth:

1) Herbal Ingredients

Many shampoos will use herbal ingredients to help your hair grow. The most common herb that is now used is Saw Palmetto, and it is worth trying any hair loss shampoos that contain the herb. It can help to inhibit the production of DHT, which is a leading cause of hair loss (causing hair follicles to shrink and close up).

2) Nettle and Bay

Again, these are natural ingredients contained in many shampoos that have helped many people.

3) Surfactants

This is the ingredient that helps your shampoo to lather up well. Many hair loss shampoos will contain the ingredient, though it is usually there for psychological reasons. It doesn’t have any cleaning properties, so if you want to protect your hair you might opt for a shampoo without this ingredient, which can be harsh on our hair.

4) Tea Tree Oil

This is a popular hair growth shampoo ingredient, which is now used in more and more products. You will usually be able to find them easily on the shelves. It even helps if you have head lice!

5) Essential Oils

Most hair growth shampoos will contain these oils, which will come from plants including lavender. These have been used for hundreds of years as a way of stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss.

There is no definitive research study to show that these shampoos are guaranteed to work. However, it can be a very good way of preventing further hair loss before it has become extreme, and it’s also great for anyone who wants their hair to grow quicker, more healthily, and longer in general. For more information click here.

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