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There are so many factors in hair loss, ranging from heredity to illness or even poor hair care! Stress, diet and illness are the most common causes, but the good news is that these are usually temporary – and there are many ways to get the condition under control, including a range of hair growth products.

In the past there were a number of herbal and oil-based remedies used to encourage hair growth. These were used by ancient people such as the Egyptians, and are still used today! Modern techniques still look for ways to stimulate the growth in natural ways, and many products are available either over the counter or by prescription.


This is a common ingredient in products made to stimulate growth. Research conducted on this ingredient showed that it was effective for around 80% of the people using it. It helped to prevent hair loss at the same time as causing extra growth.


This is one of the most well known hair loss products which is available in many stores. It comes for both men and women, as the hormones that cause hair loss are different according to sex.


This is another product that can help your hair to grow, proving to be effective in a  number of studies.

The main difference between Provillus and Rogaine is that Provillus contains an extra ingredient when it comes to stimulating hair growth in men and women. The treatment generally involves taking a pill to help hair grow, as well as applying a liquid to any areas that show visible hair loss.

Does It Work?

Many hair loss products will show quick results, but to be most effective you should wait at least 3-6 months to see visible improvement. Try to find a product with a long money-back guarantee (such as Provillus with 180 days guarantee) so that you can have time to see if it really works.

Hair growth products like this are shown to help prevent any permanent hair loss, as well as helping the hair to grow in a natural and safe way. If you would like more information then just click here.

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