Stop excessive hair fall

The Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Read below our sponsored ads for more information on growing your hair fast. Hair loss affects both men and women. If you want to make sure your hair grows as quickly and as healthily as possible, then it is important to understand some of the most common causes of hair loss.

Curing Hair Loss

Curing hair loss has never been simple. If, one day, someone comes up with the answer it will surely make them a millionaire! The good news is that research is going into this condition every day. However, until then men and women need to experiment with a number of methods until they find one that […]

Causes of Female Hair Loss

It’s normal for us to lose hair a day – usually anything from 100 to 150 each day just from brushing and styling! If you have long hair it might look like a lot, but the truth is that, compared to all the hair on your head, it’s tiny. However, if hair starts to come […]

Natural Hair Growth Problems with Afro Hair

If you have Afro hair then you’ve probably heard a lot of reasons why you might have problems with natural hair growth. The truth is that it is possible to experience African American hair growth, but you should understand the unique problems that your hair may face beforehand.

Losing Hair? The Reasons Behind Fast Hair Loss

There are many reasons that you might be losing hair including, high fever, skin infections and surgeries, while mental stress can also be a contributor to this problem. Doctors also suggest that thyroid disease, lack of protein and iron inside body, prescribed drugs for blood thymes, skin diseases relating to acne and heart problems also […]

Causes of Hair Loss in Teens and Adults

There are a number of causes of hair loss, both in men and women. It could be down to nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, stress, and diseases. However, generally, it is caused by adrogenetic alopecia – this is simply the medical term for hair loss/ baldness.

Hair Loss Solution – Is There One?

Is there any solution to hair loss? Hair loss can be devastating to some people. Both men and women can lose their hair for different reasons. Hair loss occurs in male or female pattern baldness because of a genetic hormonal disorder.

Hair Loss Prevention

No one wants to lose their hair. Hair loss (Alopecia) can occur for a number of reasons. Male pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness are usually the inherited type of hair loss. That is, if your father is bald you may likely become that way as well. Other reasons for hair loss include disease, drugs, […]

How Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster? By Avoiding These Growth Blockers!

So many of us want to know ‘how can you make your hair grow faster?’ Unfortunately, there is no one answer that will suit everyone. We are all different, and are genetics will, to some extent, determine the rate at which our hair grows. However, there are a few things you can do to improve […]

Diabetes and Hair Loss – What’s the Connection?

It has been seen that rapid hair loss can often force the patient and the doctor to think of the presence of diabetes. If a person is losing hair at a rate which isn’t normal, then a medical check up is just a natural course of action. The reason why diabetes and hair loss are […]