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Curing Hair Loss

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Curing hair loss has never been simple. If, one day, someone comes up with the answer it will surely make them a millionaire! The good news is that research is going into this condition every day. However, until then men and women need to experiment with a number of methods until they find one that suits them. And since everybody is different, there are a number of different methods used to make hair grow.

Surgical Cures

At present there is one surgical cure for hair loss available, and that is a hair transplant.

When men or women opt for a hair transplant, it will take a donor strip of hair from another area of head (usually the back of the head which isn’t affected by hair loss), and the hair follicles will be transplanted to the areas affected.

The most important part of this procedure is to get the follicle in at the right angle to that the growth of the hair looks natural. Usually only 1-5 hairs grow out of each follicle, so transplants are a slow process and can only be done if you have enough hair to be transplanted. Since the cost is around $4-$6 per follice, it can also be a very expensive option – making the average cost around $10,000 for men, and even higher for women!

Alternative Options

Most of us don’t have this much money to spend, so have to rely on alternative options. There are no cures, but there are options that can help to increase the rate of hair growth including hair vitamins.

You can also look into synthetic treatments such as wigs and extensions. These can be expensive, but the cost will be nothing compared to surgical treatment.

One of the most popular products available is known as Provillus. This can help to curb hair loss at the same time as helping the hair grow in a natural and safe way. Try this in combination with a number of other methods, such as improving diet and reducing stress, and you should see results in curing hair loss.

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  1. Richard Osborne on April 26th, 2011

    Wheat germ stimulates the sebatious gland to secret more sebum which nourishes the root of the hair folicle.

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