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Diabetes and Hair Loss – What’s the Connection?

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It has been seen that rapid hair loss can often force the patient and the doctor to think of the presence of diabetes. If a person is losing hair at a rate which isn’t normal, then a medical check up is just a natural course of action. The reason why diabetes and hair loss are seen to be related is that the former is related to hormones, and can cause instability in the patient’s body causing severe hair loss.

Why Experts Connect Diabetes and Hair Loss

Following are some of the major reasons why doctors and skin experts often tend to connect diabetes and hair loss:

  • The main consequence of diabetes is that it hampers proper blood circulation in the patient’s body. And even a lay man is aware of the fact that poor blood circulation causes rapid hair loss. Normally, a hair grows for up to six years before dying out, paving the way for the follicles to grow a new strand. As diabetes causes bad circulation of blood, it results in the follicle failing to replace the dying hair with a new strand. Poor circulation kick starts this process through which further hair strands do not grow, and baldness is the obvious result. Thus, the connection between diabetes and hair loss is very obvious.
  • Diabetes patients are more vulnerable to any skin diseases especially on the skin of the head. Bacterial and fungal diseases on skin can also play a role in hampering normal hair growth.
  • Diabetes patients also tend to take medicines which can potentially harm hair growth, causing severe hair loss. Although, most patients overcome the effects of these medications, as their body makes the necessary adjustments, still some pay the price by losing hair frequently.
  • It has also been found in studies and medical reports that diabetes patients have to go through a lot, both mentally and physically, which can potentially cause hair loss. And when a patient suffering from stress, also undergoes dehydration, then this is a recipe for disaster, as both these factors cause baldness.

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5 Ways to Overcome this Hair Loss

  1. When diabetes patients start seeing some signs of hair loss due to their intake of medicines, it is advisable that they should not push the panic button. Instead, they should wait for a few months, as it is likely that their body will overcome this problem.
  2. Regular intake of water can keep a person away from dehydrating which is a key factor that causes hair loss. Approximately 8 glasses of liquid must be consumed in order to maintain the necessary fluid levels in the body.
  3. Start taking a hair supplement, such as Provillus, that can help provide your body with all the nutrients it needs for a healthy head of hair.
  4. By taking regular exercise, you will be doing your follicles a great services, as your body’s blood circulation will improve.
  5. As a diabetes patient who is in the fear of losing his hair, stress and anxiety can get to you. By using meditative exercises like yoga, you can ease your nerves. This will have a direct effect on your hair growth, as stress causes hair loss.
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