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Factors that Affect Growth Cycle of Hair

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The average number of hair that a person loses everyday is estimated at around 50 to 125 strands. This is natural. However, hair loss occurs once the hair you lose does not grow back or you lose more than the normal amount of hair everyday. There are several factors that may affect the growth cycle of hair.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss may be a result of various types of medications like blood thinners or chemotherapy, which can stop the normal cell division and produce weak hair that is vulnerable to breakage or can simply damage telogen hairs. Too much doses of vitamin A can also cause hair loss. But the most common kind of hair loss is when the hair follicles undergo the telogen phase or the resting phase during the growth cycle of hair.

Phases of Hair Growth

In general, hair grows constantly from the scalp and then moves away from it under three phases. Hair does not undergo a single phase at one time. Different parts of a person’s scalp will undergo various phases, so it is possible that your hair follicles are going through three stages at once. Usually, 90% of the hair is in the anagen phase, 10% to 14% undergo telogen phase and 1% or 2% is in catogen phase.

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Anagen phase is the growth phase, which may last from 2 to 8 years.

The second phase, catagen phase, is where the hair follicle’s outer root shrinks and attaches to the hair roots. In this phase, the hair growth stops and it may last from one to two weeks.

The last phase is the resting phase, or telogen phase, which lasts usually between five to six weeks for normal hair. From the name itself, the hair “rests” and does not grow. It does, however, stay rooted in the scalp. Once the resting phase ends, anagen will once again start. This is the typical growth cycle of hair.


If you want to help your hair to grow quicker then we recommend some natural changes to diet and lifestyle, as well as a hair growth supplement, such as Provillus.

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