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Female Hair Growth Treatment Options

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Hair is a beautiful aspect of female personality, and what could be more horrible for a woman than the fact that she is losing her hair at an abnormally rapid rate.

The usual hair loss rate is about 100 to 150 strands per day, but when a person’s follicles fail to replace the dying strands, this rate can exceed limits. As old strands die, it is a necessary requirement that they must be replaced by fresh strands, but due to many reason it does not happen, thus, hampering female hair growth.

Reasons for Female Hair Loss

There are both temporary and permanent reasons which cause female hair growth to stop and result in severe hair loss. Pregnancy, mental stress, skin and body diseases and very strong skin treatments like bleaching are considered to be temporary causes. But they are not considered as the real threat, as in most cases, growth of hair resumes after the effects of these temporary causes are finished.

Permanent factors which influence rapid hair loss are genetic and hormonal problems, and the bad news is that their effects can be devastating for female hair growth. Usually females experience hair loss in certain patches, which gradually start gaining more space. It has also been seen, that mostly frontal hair loss is suffered by females, while some also suffer from overall hair loss, making their head more and more visible from underneath the rapidly thinning hair.

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Some Female Hair Growth Treatment Options

  1. What a person eats has a lasting impression on how his body functions. In order to tackle rapid hair loss, females should start eating a healthy and nutritious diet which has a balance.
  2. Exercise on a daily basis is also an effective way to slow hair loss, as it increases the blood circulation in one’s body. As circulation gets better, more blood reaches the follicles in our skin which are responsible for replacing dying hair with new strands.
  3. One should also resort to use of some natural herbs, which are said to be effective in increasing hair growth. Some of these treatments are directly applied on the scalp, so that follicles start opening causing in better hair growth. The results of such treatments have been mix, and their success largely varies from individual to individual.
  4. Many new treatments have also been devised these days which have had a positive change in patients losing hair. Certain products are specially designed to work for women, and before using one it is recommended that a dermatologist be consulted and proper inquiries be made as to the fact that the medicine is for women only. The reason why it is important to ensure this is that hair loss products for men have certain ingredients which can potentially cause harm to females, especially pregnant women.
  5. Several companies are offering great products with money-back guarantee and testimonials which build their credibility. Companies like Provillus have made products that are women-specific and are even authenticated by FDA. But none of these products ensure 100% results, as the degree of success varies from patient to patient.
  6. Major surgical treatments are also getting popular these days with women facing the problem of hair loss. But the cost of such a treatment is too high, and before one makes a definite decision, it is advisable to learn everything that one needs to know.

Hair is an essential dimension of human personality, and the same is even more applicable to females. While some do not really care about hair loss, there are others who suffer serious mental problems due to it, and start avoiding social interaction with others. Whichever course of remedy is adopted by a hair loss patient, it is essential to make double checks and always opt for natural treatments.

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