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Finding the Right Hair Growth Product

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Nobody wants to go bald. The medical term for baldness is alopecia. Both men and women can lose their hair and it can be very traumatic. Here is more information on finding a solution to either male or female pattern baldness.

Natural Hair Loss

We all naturally lose up to one hundred hairs a day. Our hair also becomes thinner as we age. Hair loss can also occur if you have a genetic predisposition for it, from drugs or radiation therapy, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, autoimmune disorders, disease or malnutrition.

Avoiding Excessive Hair Loss

Is there a hair growth product? The B vitamins and minerals are used to strengthen your hair. There are shampoos and tonics that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. There is a Minoxidil containing product you can get over the counter called Provillus. It is a popular hair growth product. It is supposed to stimulate new hair growth.

Other Options

There are hair tonics and shampoos that are formulated and sold as hair growth products or thickeners. Some people believe they help. The reality may be that the product coats the hair with chemicals and makes it feel thicker. People with disease and poor circulation probably will not have much success in regrowing hair no matter what they do. Hair follicles need oxygenated blood to grow hair.

Hair transplants are another option for people with hair loss. Hair follicles are surgically implanted into the scalp. People have had good results with this method but it does not make new hair grow back.

Do These Products Work?

Studies have shown that men from 18 to 49 years old reported 26 percent moderate regrowth after hair vitamin treatment for four months. Thirty three percent reported minimal regrowth. Women between the ages of 18 to 45 reported 20 percent moderate regrowth and another 40 percent had minimal regrowth.

Some cosmetic products help give the appearance of more hair with regular use. Many shampoos, volumizers, conditioners, mousses and gels claim to help people who are losing their hair. Some of them even suggest they can regrow hair. It is a million dollar industry.

Hair loss is difficult to face particularly for women. Your hair is a part of you that defines how you look. Losing your hair can be devastating for some people. They are lured into spending money on hair products that will not help.


The only proven hair growth product is Minoxidil which you can get without a prescription in the product Provillus. Surgery with hair plugs or transplants are the only other methods that will put hair back on your head. Hairpieces have come a long way since they were first developed. A good hairpiece or wig can look very natural for men and women. Most of them are made from real hair.

If you are losing your hair do not spend your money on products that just do not work. Remember that the only drug approved and proven to grow hair is Minoxidil and you can buy it without a prescription in Provillus.

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