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It is a norm among those, who love their hair but fear that they will lose them soon, to check hair on their pillows, combs, brushes and sinks after taking the shower. When they view that they are losing a large number of hair each time, their fears are substantiated by solid evidence. Such a grim scenario can cause serious psychological and mental problems including stress and anxiety, two conditions which further speedup hair loss. But there is hair loss help available!

Finding the Right Help

Stressed out patients have visions of everybody staring at them when they go to work in office or when they attend a party, and the reason for such uncalled for attention is baldness. Living without hair for a person who has many social contacts can be quite difficult.

If you are losing a substantial number of hairs every day, then you better start taking some definitive steps. You can visit your doctor to check if mental stress is having its toll on your hair growth, or if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes or lupus whose symptoms include hair loss. Certain skin diseases and fungal infections can also be the cause for rapid hair loss. A major surgery in recent past or pregnancy can also result in loss of hair, while a major set back in life like the loss of a loved one can also be harmful for hair growth. But the fact that all these factors are either non-permanent or manageable should rest your mind.

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But if you happen to be one of those unlucky ones who suffer from hair loss due to genetic problems, then you can start by taking some other course of actions.

  1. To start with, you should start treating your hair with more care. Do not use combs and brushes with extra force, while use of strong shampoos should also be avoided. Using colorants and other harmful chemicals can also harm your hair growth, while use of blow driers and curlers is also not recommended for hair loss patients.
  2. You will also be doing great service to your hair growth by employing meditative techniques like yoga so that your stress level remains in control.
  3. The quality of food you eat also affects the growth of your hair. You should eat healthy and nutritious diet while taking regular exercise will also help your blood circulation, which is vital for hair growth.
  4. There are a number of products available in the market regarding hair loss reduction. You can give a try to some of these, as experimentation can often give startlingly good results. Provillus is one such product that may have the solution to your problems, with specific formulations available for both men and women.
  5. You can also do good service to your hair growth, if you remain more inclined towards natural treatments. Saw Palmetto, oils and other herbs have had positive results on hair loss patients in the past, but you have to check which treatment is more suited for you, as such ingredients have different effects on each person.

No matter what treatment you choose, it is for your own good that you will be making the search. The sooner you find hair loss help and an effective treatment for your hair loss problem, the better for your mental well-being.

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