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Hair Loss Prevention

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No one wants to lose their hair. Hair loss (Alopecia) can occur for a number of reasons. Male pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness are usually the inherited type of hair loss. That is, if your father is bald you may likely become that way as well.

Other reasons for hair loss include disease, drugs, radiation, hormone imbalance, malnutrition and infections. Diseases which decrease one’s blood circulations commonly cause hair loss. The stress and hormonal changes of giving birth can cause hair loss in some women.

Preventing Hair Loss

Whatever the cause, losing your hair can be devastating. Is there anything you can do for hair loss prevention? Some hair loss from outside stressors can be prevented but the genetic type of hair loss cannot. Significant hair loss can be treated with a non-prescription medication called Provillus.

You can prevent some hair loss by reducing the stress you put on your hair. These include coloring, perming and wearing your hair in tight pigtails or braids.

Hair loss prevention may include proper nutrition and keeping yourself healthy. This includes exercise to keep your blood circulation good.

Things to Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss may be a sign of some underlying disease such as diabetes. Treatment of the disease could prevent further hair loss. Hormonal causes of hair loss can sometimes be treated.

If you are losing your hair because of a side effect of a particular medications there may be an alternative medication you can take.

There are no hair loss prevention techniques for the genetically caused male and female pattern baldness. You could start treatment with Rogaine at the first notable signs of hair loss. For men if your father or grandfather lost there hair you probably will too. The same is true for female pattern baldness. If your mother or grandmother had it you are likely to develop female pattern baldness too.

In general, taking good care of your hair may prevent hair loss. Avoid hairstyles that stress your hair. Using protein rich hair care products may help in hair loss prevention.

Hair loss can be devastating to one’s self esteem. Your hair is a major part of your appearance and it may change how you feel about yourself.

Hair loss that is not genetic is often a sign of disease. See your doctor for a checkup. You may reverse your hair loss by treating your illness.

Although there is no hair loss prevention in genetically caused hair loss you could start treatment right away to minimize hair loss. The treatments available that work contain Minoxidil. Provillus is a product with Minoxidil that you can buy without a doctor’s prescriptions that really works.


The best prevention to hair loss is staying healthy. This means living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise program. Dietary supplements may help if you cannot get all the nutrients you need from food.

Hair loss that is caused by stress, a medication or poor nutrition can be reversed if the causative factor is removed. Genetic hair loss cannot be prevented but it can be prepared for emotionally and treatment can be started early.

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