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Hair Loss Solution – Is There One?

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Is there any solution to hair loss? Hair loss can be devastating to some people. Both men and women can lose their hair for different reasons. Hair loss occurs in male or female pattern baldness because of a genetic hormonal disorder.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

Hair can be lost related to medications, especially chemotherapy. Radiation can also cause hair loss. Infections and diseases can cause hair to fall out. Poor nutrition can play a role in hair loss. Stress can literally make hairs fall out.

Adding stressors to your hair can make you lose hair. These include permanent hair waves, coloring, blow drying and putting your hair in braids or pigtails. The more you manipulate your hair the more hairs you will lose.

We will all have thinner hair as we age. This is because of a decrease in circulation to the scalp. This does not mean we will all go bald. Just as our skin ages our hair also ages.

Treating Hair Loss

There are many products that claim to treat hair loss. They usually contain waxes, oils or silicone that attach to the hair to help retain moisture and make your hair look fuller. They do not replace hair that is loss.

Other products contain panethol (Pro Vitamin B5) that claim to reduce hair loss and make hair look fuller. Other products contain polymers, which also give the hair a kind of coating that makes it look fuller.

With any products of prescriptions consistent use is the key to a hair loss solution. If you begin to notice a lot of hairs in your shower drain or sink, seek professional help. It may be a sign of illness or disease.

There are many diseases that can decrease overall circulation including that which goes to the scalp. Diabetes and Lupus are two examples of illnesses that can lead to hair loss.


There is not a cut and dry hair loss solution. If your hair loss is minimal such as a thinning related to aging an over the counter product may work for you to give the appearance of thicker, healthier hair. If you are losing a lot of hair loss first rule out any disease process. See your doctor, he or she may prescribe a Minoxidil product.

Minoxidil based products are the only ones that can really aid in hair regrowth. Results with Minoxidil vary. One good product with Minoxidil in it that you can get without a doctor’s prescription is called Provillus. In the battle against hair loss you may feel like any product that claims to help is worth a try but do not be fooled by products that just will not help. Provillus really works.

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