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The Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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Hair loss affects both men and women. If you want to make sure your hair grows as quickly and as healthily as possible, then it is important to understand some of the most common causes of hair loss.

  1. Female Pattern Baldness: This is a reason for hair loss in women as well as men. It is otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia and is when a woman’s hair gradually thins with age. Usually this is less severe than with men, though it does run in families and also tends to get worse after the menopause.
  2. Telogen Effluvium: This is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women. It can occur after a period of stress, though it can also be triggered by other factors including childbirth, reaction to medication and more. This kind of hair loss is usually temporary and results in general thinning of the hair.
  3. Alopecia Areata: This affects less than two percent of the population and can include patchy hair loss. It is a result of the immune system, and it could be a period of months or years before the hair starts to grow back again.
  4. Diet: A poor diet can result in hair loss, especially for women who lose weight too rapidly. Hair loss can also result from a deficiency in protein, fatty acids, zinc and certain vitamins.
  5. Traction Alopecia: This can be more common in women than men due to the fact that women spend a lot of time styling their hair. Over-styling can cause hair loss, and can result from tying your hair too tight, cornrows, constant curling or straightening. This can even come on through excessive shampooing or brushing – so be kind to your hair!

Though there are others, these are the most common causes of hair loss in women. The good news is that nearly all of these are temporary, and there are a number of methods that can be employed to help combat the effects.

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