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Do Hair Restoration Products Work?

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Hair loss is a big problem for most people. Women especially find losing their hair difficult. Hair loss can be caused by a number of different reasons: there is the hormone and genetic elated female and male pattern baldness types and a host of other reasons to hair loss including drugs, disease, radiation, hormone imbalance, stress and malnutrition.

Products to Restore Your Hair

There are a plethora of hair restoration products but do any of them work? The fight against hair loss is a billion dollar industry. All of us lose up to 100 hairs a day, which on a healthy scalp are replaced. As we age are hair will become thinner because of decreased circulation to the area and the same reasons why are skin ages.

Out of the many hair restoration products, most of them do not actually restore hair. They can however, give the appearance of having more hair. Some of these products contain polymers that attach to the hair shafts. They help the hair retain moisture and cause the hair shaft to slightly expand.

Polymers keep the hair shafts from slipping past each other like fly away hair. It can give the appearance of more hair. Peroxide of bleaching your hair can sometimes give the same effect.

Permanent hair waves can make your hair look fuller. On the other hand they also stress the hair especially if done frequently. There are hair restoration products with pantheol (pro vitamin B5) claim to make hair fuller but this has never been proven.

Hair restoration products can coat the hair shafts with waxes, silicone or oils. This may make hair fuller and help it retain moisture making it appear thicker.

Methods that Work

Any product over the counter that claims to rebuild or replace lost hairs will probably disappoint you. There are really only a few ways to restore hair.

One way to restore hair is with a hair transplant. There are different hair restoration procedures such as grafting and implanting hair plugs. These surgical methods can give great lifetime results.

The only drug that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for hair restoration is Minoxidil. This is a prescription medication. Provillus is one of drug that contains Minoxidil that you can buy over the counter.

Minoxidil can be taken orally or put on topically. Other products that claim or hint at hair regrowth are falsifying the facts.

Taking good care of your hair and eating a nutritious diet can help prevent some hair loss. Putting less stress on the hair can prevent some hair loss. These stressors include coloring, perming, blow drying and putting your hair in pigtails or braids.

While losing your hair can be extremely difficult there are some things you can do about it. If hair loss is extensive you may want to consider a hairpiece or wig. They can be made to look very natural and some are made with human hair.

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