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How to Make Your Hair Grow – Brush Carefully!

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If you’re looking for answers on how to make your hair grow, there are many. But a simple place to start is with the way you brush your hair. Your hair is never going to grow long and beautiful if you keep damaging it during brushing – so follow these simple tips to keep it strong and healthy!

Think of your hair as the delicate material that it is. When you are brushing it, always handle it carefully and delicately.

Finding the Right Brush

In order to protect your hair as best as possible you will need to find a brush that doesn’t do it any harm. Get the absolute best brush that you can afford for the money, and try to avoid those hairbrushes that have little knobs on the end of them. These are what may cause your hair to get ripped and torn – ultimately making it break and retarding the growth!

When to Brush

Brushing your hair too often is not good for it. You should only brush your hair when you have to style it. If you brush it too much then you will have more and more broken hairs and split ends.

When you do brush your hair, always think about the methods that you use to do so. You can use a brush with natural bristles, which will be much softer on your hair. Use your hands after each brush stroke so that you can reduce any static in your hair, and let it fall naturally when you are brushing.

And the most important thing to remember? Only brush your hair when it is completely dry! Hair is a lot weaker when wet, making brushing even more dangerous!


Learning to brush your hair properly, when combined with a hair vitamin (like the popular Provillus) and healthy diet, can be a great way to improve your hair growth rate and finally answer that question of how to make your hair grow.

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