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Improving the Hair Growth Cycle

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There are so many factors involved in our hair growth cycle. I have already mentioned on this blog that you should always take good care of your hair, eat certain protein-rich foods, try using a hair vitamin and more! However, here are a few more tips for you to follow to improve your hair growth cycle.

Understanding Nutritional Deficiency

Our bodies as a whole need a number of different vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. If our bodies don’t have these, then they can’t work on building certain structures like the strands of hair on our head. Any deficiencies in the nutrients we take in with our daily food will therefore take the body’s work away from our hair, leading to thinning and even hair loss.

Start By Building A Healthy Body

As with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, just about any problem with your health will soon be reflected in your hair. This includes an illness, a poor diet, no exercise and more! You may even find that certain medication you are taking greatly slows down the hair growth rate.

If you want to combat this problem then the first step is to ask advice from your doctor. They will help you work through any existing medical conditions that may be impacting the growth of your hair. If you have no known medical condition then you can simply start by doing a few simple things yourself.

Start taking vitamins each and every day, including Vitamin E, Vitamin C and B vitamins. Also take specially formulated hair vitamins if you need to – there are many supplements that are geared towards men or women individually.

Start noticing the kind of fruits and vegetables you are taking in. Did you know that yellow fruits and vegetables contain the important beta-carotene. This is essential to promoting healthy hair, as well as your skin and nails.


These are all simple tips for keeping your body healthy. If you don’t work on this first, then you can be sure that your hair growth cycle will suffer! There is no cure to instant hair growth, but keep following the tips on this blog and you should help your hair grow as quickly as possible, with a little help along the way from hair vitamins such as Provillus.

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  1. Kit on June 5th, 2009

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