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Losing Hair? The Reasons Behind Fast Hair Loss

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There are many reasons that you might be losing hair including, high fever, skin infections and surgeries, while mental stress can also be a contributor to this problem. Doctors also suggest that thyroid disease, lack of protein and iron inside body, prescribed drugs for blood thymes, skin diseases relating to acne and heart problems also cause hair loss.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Women, who often use birth control drugs, also show signs of rapid hair loss before and after the birth of the child. Studies have revealed that many causes have their roots in genes, affecting the hair growth hormones adversely. Hair loss often takes the shape of the arrival of patches of baldness in both the scalp and the beard.

Frequent visits to a hair saloon often bring people in contact with ringworms, which can potentially cause a permanent hair loss. While sickness and imbalance in diet can also cause people to lose hair for a temporary phase.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Among hair loss patients, Androgenetic Alopecia has been studied as the most common reason behind rapid hair loss. If hair follicles lose the power to reproduce hair then, baldness can be experienced on scalp, eye brows and lashes. Many men also turn bald due to genetic reasons, and other hair loss reasons should not be held responsible in such a case, but one factor in common in each case is that the hair follicles stop producing fresh hair.

Some of the common symptoms of hereditary hair loss among men are a retreating hair line, bald patches and thinning of hair around the crown. Men, who form testosterones due to genetic problems, are more susceptible to baldness.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Although pregnant women have experienced decrease in hair fall during this period, but after three months, the shedding of hair resumes at a higher rate. Many teenagers complain of hair loss, but it turns out to be only temporary and is caused by skin treatments, thyroid disease and other kinds of skin diseases like fungus etc.

The Natural Cycle

Hair springs up in a recurring sequence and consequently dies and is done away with. While 50 to 100 hairs fall per day, hair growing on the head can reach a height of 6 inches in a year. One of the ingredients which make up a hair is protein which is essential in re-growth of more hair.

There are several diseases which can cause severe hair loss like thyroid disease, cancer of kidney and liver, lupus, while Alopecia Areata causes loss of hair on the scalp. On the other hand, the treatments which are taken in turn can also be harmful for hair growth like Lithium, pills containing amphetamines and drugs related to chemotherapy.

Anorexia and Bulimia are two diet disorders which can potentially damage the follicles, while trichotillomania is a disorder which forces patients to pull their hair, causing severe damage to hair follicles. Similarly, chemical treatments on the skin of head and fancy hair styles which take a toll on the hair also do harm to hair follicles.

Keeping your body filled with hair growing vitamins really is the best way to prevent and treat hair loss. However, you should also make sure to visit your doctor if you are worried about the underlying causes.

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