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Can Scalp Massage Make Hair Grow Quicker?

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If you are trying to grow your hair out, finding a way to make hair grow quicker is an appealing thought, especially when you are stuck in that awkward middle stage between long and short hair, always a very frustrating time.

One way that should make hair grow quicker is a regular scalp massage. A good scalp massage helps the hair roots make better use of nutrients by stimulating the scalp’s circulation, and also loosens dirt and oil that may cause clogged hair follicles, making your grow far more slowly, or even stop growing at all.

head massage Can Scalp Massage Make Hair Grow Quicker?

Scalp Massage Tips

To gain the maximum benefit, you should massage your scalp at least once a day. This is done simply rubbing your fingers all over your head in a uniform fashion, with or without shampoo or other hair products. Done correctly, for at least three or four minutes your head should feel like it is tingling, but in a pleasant way. Digging at your scalp is not the idea, maintaining a firm, even pressure while massaging is all that is needed. There are also a numbers of pleasantly scented shampoos and hair products that can make the experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.


There are many ways people may suggest to you to make hair grow quicker, scalp massage being just one of them. But there are other benefits to a good scalp massage too, since even if scalp massage does not make your hair grow noticeably faster, it feels divine!

Make sure to combine this with any other methods mentioned on this site, including treating your hair well and taking a specially formulated hair vitamin.

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  1. rani on November 17th, 2009

    i need help to my hair grow with home remdies. I cut my hair shorts 2 months ego. Now my hair stop growing please help.

  2. Michael Harris on March 4th, 2011

    I’ve been doing that for a month now and I can and my friends can already tell the difference. Thanks it really works, and Troy Polumalu here I come.

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