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How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

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Is it really possible to make your eyelashes grow longer? Opinion is divided on the issue. But here are a few tips if you want to see some improve growth.


One popular method suggested by a number of sources, including professional makeup artists, is to use that old favorite, Vaseline. According to this advice one should apply a thin coating of Vaseline to the eyelashes using a clean mascara wand every night before bed. Some people report seeing a visible improvement in lash length with regular use, however just as many say it is of no help when trying to make your eyelashes grow, and the only result is blurry vision!

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Other Treatments

Another older suggestion, a theory that was made popular in the 1950s, is to follow the same regime as above, but replace the Vaseline with castor oil. Vitamin E oil is also often used for the same purpose.

There are a number of lash enhancing products on the market these days that claim they can make your eyelashes grow longer. These products usually include various vitamins, serums and oils that enhance the appearance of eyelashes and in some cases do seem to make a difference to the actual length of the lashes.

While you are trying to make your eyelashes grow longer, there are of course a vast array of mascaras on the market that can temporarily increase the apparent length and fullness of your eyelashes. Some makeup experts advise against using waterproof mascara , as it contains chemicals that can damage the eyelashes and prevent natural growth at all.


Eyelashes should grow a lot fater than the hair on your head, but only if you have the vitamins in your body to lay a healthy foundation. Try as many methods as you can, alongside a hair vitamin such as Provillus, for the very best results.

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