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Natural Hair Growth Problems with Afro Hair

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If you have Afro hair then you’ve probably heard a lot of reasons why you might have problems with natural hair growth. The truth is that it is possible to experience African American hair growth, but you should understand the unique problems that your hair may face beforehand.

There are a number of reasons why you may not feel as if you are experiencing any natural hair growth when it comes to your afro hair. There are in fact a number of issues that can affect black hair, due to its unique structure and makeup. Understanding these issues is important if you want to take steps to combat your lack of growth.

1) The number one reason why natural hair growth appears so hard to achieve with Afro hair is due to its shrinkage. The makeup of tight curls can mean that any growth that does happen will not really show, as it is all curled up. Therefore, if you straighten your hair you will be surprised at just how long your hair really is.

2) Many people with Afro hair could, however, experience a low hair growth. This can be down to a number of factors, though the most noticeable is always a poor diet. You should always make sure you are taking enough vitamins every day, and keep eating well to build healthy foundations for your hair growth. It may also be down to issues with the scalp, in which case it’s important to ask the doctor for advice.

3) Lastly, breakage is a major problem for anyone with Afro hair. This can be down to a number of bad practices, including brushing it badly, not getting split ends trimmed, over processing your hair and more. Take time to give your hair a break to start again.


Achieving natural hair growth with afro hair isn’t impossible. If you understand the reasons why you haven’t achieved it in the past, then you are already in a much better position to improve the rate of growth. If you need a little help then I highly recommend taking a hair vitamin such as Provillus. It’s extremely simple and easy, and you should see results within a few weeks.

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