Stop excessive hair fall

Finding the Right Hair Growth Product

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Nobody wants to go bald. The medical term for baldness is alopecia. Both men and women can lose their hair and it can be very traumatic. Here is more information on finding a solution to either male or female pattern baldness. Read more »

Is It Possible to Make Your Hair Grow Longer?

So many girls want to make their hair grow longer, whether it’s the result of a bad haircut or just impatience in waiting to get that dream style! But the big question is, is it actually possible to make your hair grow longer quicker?

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How to make your hair grow faster? Be Nice to Your Hair!

If you have come here looking for the answer to ‘how to make your hair grow faster‘ then I can tell you there are a few. However, the easiest way to start is to be kind to your hair! Here are a few quick and simple tips for doing just that:

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Can Scalp Massage Make Hair Grow Quicker?

If you are trying to grow your hair out, finding a way to make hair grow quicker is an appealing thought, especially when you are stuck in that awkward middle stage between long and short hair, always a very frustrating time. Read more »

Factors that Affect Growth Cycle of Hair

The average number of hair that a person loses everyday is estimated at around 50 to 125 strands. This is natural. However, hair loss occurs once the hair you lose does not grow back or you lose more than the normal amount of hair everyday. There are several factors that may affect the growth cycle of hair. Read more »

Hair Loss Prevention

No one wants to lose their hair. Hair loss (Alopecia) can occur for a number of reasons. Male pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness are usually the inherited type of hair loss. That is, if your father is bald you may likely become that way as well.

Other reasons for hair loss include disease, drugs, radiation, hormone imbalance, malnutrition and infections. Diseases which decrease one’s blood circulations commonly cause hair loss. The stress and hormonal changes of giving birth can cause hair loss in some women. Read more »

Fast Hair Growth Shampoos – Do They Really Work?

Fast hair growth shampoos have been on the market for a while now, claiming to help you grow your hair faster due to the way in which they stimulate growth in the follicles. But do they really work? Find a good one and it can help you quickly and easily. Read on for more advice.

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Hair Growing Vitamins

Hair growing vitamins and minerals can help play a role in keeping your hair healthy. A healthy diet and exercise can also help keep your hair healthy. Exercise increases circulation to all body parts including your scalp. A diet rich with vitamins and minerals is also essential for healthy hair. Read more »

Female Hair Growth Treatment Options

Hair is a beautiful aspect of female personality, and what could be more horrible for a woman than the fact that she is losing her hair at an abnormally rapid rate.

The usual hair loss rate is about 100 to 150 strands per day, but when a person’s follicles fail to replace the dying strands, this rate can exceed limits. As old strands die, it is a necessary requirement that they must be replaced by fresh strands, but due to many reason it does not happen, thus, hampering female hair growth. Read more »

Anti Hair Loss Shampoos

If you are experiencing hair loss, or simply want to make your hair grow faster, then some of the easiest options to try are anti hair loss shampoos. These can reduce hair loss in both men and women, and there are a number of research studies that can help us understand their effectiveness.

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Hair Formula 37

As people grow older, the possibilities of losing hair also increase. Hair growth is a subject that many people want to achieve, especially when they are currently or on the verge of experiencing baldness and hair falling out. Because of the number of individuals seeking ways of growing hair back, several hair growth products are being introduced and launched in the market. Among the popular and household names in hair growth products, Hair Formula 37 is one of the bestsellers. Read more »

Hair Loss Solution – Is There One?

Is there any solution to hair loss? Hair loss can be devastating to some people. Both men and women can lose their hair for different reasons. Hair loss occurs in male or female pattern baldness because of a genetic hormonal disorder. Read more »

Folic Acid Hair Growth – Does it Really Work?

There are certainly a number of health benefits associated with taking folic acid on a regular basis. It is also true that one cannot possibly hope to have healthy, strong hair if your diet is poor, or lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. In recent years some studies have been conducted into folic acid hair growth, and whether folic acid can help hair grow, or perhaps stop hair loss. Read more »

African American Hair Growth

African American hair growth is an area surrounded by a whole host of different myths. Many people think that it’s just impossible to grow African American hair, but the truth is that there are many methods that can be done to help your hair stay healthy and grow long!

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The Basics of Biotin Hair Growth

Vitamins and minerals are essential to a person’s health. Not only that, they also contribute to making our hair healthy. Biotin is a common vitamin known to people who are greatly concerned about their hair. Biotin hair growth vitamins are in demand among people who are suffering hair loss and are looking to re-grow their hair. Read more »

Does Olive Oil Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

I have heard many rumours about olive oil doing great good for the hair, including as a way to make your hair grow faster. However, I thought I would explain some of the facts about using olive oil for this kind of treatment.

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How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

Is it really possible to make your eyelashes grow longer? Opinion is divided on the issue. But here are a few tips if you want to see some improve growth. Read more »

Things to do When Waiting to Grow Longer Hair

This blog is all about natural ways to grow longer hair. However, there is no miracle cure that can make it happen overnight. If you have had a bad haircut, or are fed up with the way your hair looks, then here are a few tips for what to do while you’re waiting for your hair to grow.

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Does Protein Make Your Hair Grow Quickly?

Hair is known as the “crowning glory” of not only women but men as well. The appearance and state of the hair is always a concern for people. Unfortunately for them, the occurrence of hair loss is normal. You can do two things – either you prevent hair loss or you find a way to grow your hair back. If you are asking does protein make your hair grow quickly, the answer is yes. Read more »

Curing Hair Loss

Curing hair loss has never been simple. If, one day, someone comes up with the answer it will surely make them a millionaire! The good news is that research is going into this condition every day. However, until then men and women need to experiment with a number of methods until they find one that suits them. And since everybody is different, there are a number of different methods used to make hair grow.

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Top Herbs For Hair Growth – Look Out for These Ingredients

Herbs are normally associated with food, health or even supplements. However, there are several other uses for herbs such as growing hair. Using herbs for hair growth is common to many individuals who are searching for ways to grow their hair back easily and quickly. Read more »

Losing Hair? The Reasons Behind Fast Hair Loss

There are many reasons that you might be losing hair including, high fever, skin infections and surgeries, while mental stress can also be a contributor to this problem. Doctors also suggest that thyroid disease, lack of protein and iron inside body, prescribed drugs for blood thymes, skin diseases relating to acne and heart problems also cause hair loss. Read more »

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