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The Basics of Biotin Hair Growth

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Vitamins and minerals are essential to a person’s health. Not only that, they also contribute to making our hair healthy. Biotin is a common vitamin known to people who are greatly concerned about their hair. Biotin hair growth vitamins are in demand among people who are suffering hair loss and are looking to re-grow their hair.

This vitamin is the main constituent of the natural process of hair growing. It is not only vital in the aspect of hair growth, but also in nails and skin health.

Where to Get Biotin

Biotin is an element that can be found in Vitamin B. Foods like liver or eggs are rich in biotin, however it takes huge amounts of these fares to gain the 5mg of biotin needed to promote healthy nails, hair and skin.

Hair supplements are a good alternative, and one of the most popular is Provillus. Biotin supplements can provide the proper amount of biotin necessary to avoid hair loss, minus the additional calorie intake you will get from eating eggs or liver.

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Helping Your Hair to Grow Faster

Because of the popularity of biotin for hair growth, several hair growth product manufacturers suggest taking biotin-rich foods or supplements together with the use of their treatments and products to produce better results.

Some of the best foods that contain biotin are sunflower seeds, green peas, soybeans, brown rice, oats and walnuts. Egg yolks are also fortified with biotin, but some studies show that biotin combines easily with protein. Once these are combined, biotin will not be delivered to the body and will cause biotin deficiency, which will eventually lead to hair fall or hair loss.


If you want to prevent hair loss (or grow hair much faster), you need to take in the proper biotin quantity. Eat as much biotin-rich foods as you can and supplements as well, for these can all help in the hair growth process. For best results, Make Your Hair Grow recommends a combination of healthy diet and hair growth supplement.

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