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Understanding How Facial Hair Growth Occurs

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Hair growth can be influenced by several factors, some of them being your body’s health, nutrition and genetic predisposition. One kind of hair growth that will naturally occur on males (and rarely on females) is facial hair growth.

The Reason for Facial Hair Growth

Young men usually start having facial hair in the mid or late teens. As for some women, they may grow thicker and longer facial hair as a product of hormonal imbalances. This is also known as terminal hair. But other than that, very few women can grow normal facial hair due to age difference or genetic predisposition. By going to a doctor, you may know the cause of facial hair growth.

About the Growth Cycle

Thicker hair grows out from the normal soft hair covering the body, otherwise as vellus. The hair matrix is accountable for the hair protein formation as well as the hair shaft color. Basically, changes in the hormone, particularly during puberty, are the main cause of the extension of hair shaft cycle. This causes a coarser and longer hair shaft.

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Every hair experiences these phases. Anagen is the phase where the hair follicles grow, lasting for days or even years. Catagen, on the other hand, is the resting phase of these hair follicles and can also take weeks in the process. When catagen ends, the phase is called telogen. During telogen, anagen is going to take place once more to continue with the cycle.

These three phases are the ones involved in facial hair growth. Genetic background also has an effect. If both your grandfather and your father grow facial hair, there is a possibility that you will grow facial hair as well.

Increasing Growth of Facial Hair

But there are ways of speeding up the growth of facial hair, such as getting treatments of Provillus and dihydrotestosterone. Use of vitamin E or prenatal vitamins are also good choices. But if you decide to use any nutritionally or hormonally based therapies, you should first inquire with a physician or medical professional for these therapies may have some negative effects on you.

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