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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Grow

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Most women would love long, beautiful hair that is full of body and shine, just like the women in the commercials. Growing your hair can be a long process, but there are several ways to make your hair grow a little bit faster and healthier too:

1. Get A Good Haircut: Starting with a good haircut is one of the best ways to make your hair grow faster. Hair that is full of split ends and uneven layers is much harder to grow than hair that was well cut from the beginning. A good stylist will help you find the right cut for you.

2. Circulation: It is a good idea to massage your scalp every day to encourage hair growth. The easiest way to do this is while shampooing of course. You can also take a tip from the Victorians and brush your hair carefully on a daily basis. Turning your head upside down while brushing will increase circulation too.

3. Keep It Clean: Dirty hair and oils in the scalp can clog follicles and stop your hair from growing well. To make your hair grow, shampoo at least every couple of days.

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4. Eat Right: A poor diet shows in the condition of your hair. For healthy, shiny hair, you need plenty of Vitamins A.B and especially Vitamin E. Foods rich in zinc and iron can also make your hair grow faster. Try a hair vitamin for all the nutrients your hair needs.

5. Get Trimmed: To maintain healthy hair, free of split ends you should get a trim every 6-8 weeks. Be sure to tell the stylist to trim the ends only, so she does not snip away all your hard work.

For best results you should combine a number of hair growth methods. You can also take advantage of healthy, natural hair growth supplement that will help your hair grow faster than your genetics would normally allow.

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  1. Abby on July 24th, 2012

    I was looking for easy ways to get your hair to grow super fast. I haven’t tried this yet but a lot of people said it worked really good. You need to put honey and skippy brand chunky peanut butter all over your head and wrap your hair in a hot towel for an hour and a half then wash your hair out with horse shampoo and aloe vera and massage it for 15 minutes. And it says that your hair is supposed to grow really fast hope this works